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Morro Bay is a scenic, quiet beach town with delightful neighborhoods, safe streets, clean air.

The Beachtract is on the beach side of the freeway at the north end of town. The lots are usually 100' wide and 60' deep. You can easily walk to a wide, sandy beach from anywhere in the tract. Most of the houses in this area were built in the 1960s to late 70s and have been remodeled at least once.

Adjacent to the Beachtract is the Cloisters project. It is a recent development of 169 lots. It took nearly 15 years for the project to be approved and it features a boardwalk in the dunes to the water, a children's park, and a nature pond. The lots are mostly built out.

The houses on the east side of the freeway are usually on 40' x 60' lots. This is known as North Morro Bay. The area was subdivided at the turn of the century by the developer of the Colony of Atascadero. Purchasers in Atascadero would be given a lot in Morro Bay to build a summer home. The streets are named after islands and are alphabetical. There are some exceptions at the far north end.

To the south is the middle area of Morro Bay. The area that begins at the freeway and extends to the hilltop has streets named after trees and they are in alphabetical order. The first street is Alder and the top one is Nutmeg. The views from the upper streets are unparalleled. Many houses have total panoramic whitewater coastline views.

The area south of the downtown area is generically known as the Heights. It is the oldest part of Morro Bay and goes up to the golf course. Homeowners love the charm of the area. It is within cart distance of the golf course and walking distance to the downtown and Embarcadero.

Bayshore village, a beautiful condominium project is located here.