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History of the Caccia Home

560 (5th St.) Morro Bay Blvd.

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The Caccia home, built in 1919 for Ed Caccia's parents. From left to right in 1924: Grandpa William Caccia, Grandma Angelina Caccia, Edís son, Howard, neighbor Mrs. Neil Silva, and Edís wife, Rosie. 

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Next door to the Caccia home is the original Caccia residence which was built by Alva Paul in 1905.  Located at 550 5th Street, it was purchased in 1917 by Ed Caccia and included an entire city block. Three generations of Caccia families resided in both homes from 1917 to 1976.


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Ed Caccia in 1971 at the age of 83. The house he built in 1919 had been home to three generations of his family. Ed died in 1976. 

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 The Caccia Home by Howard Caccia, son of Ed Caccia 

As Told to Dan Reddell

In 1917, Ettore (Ed) Caccia sold his parentís dairy, located on Cottontail Creek Rd., to the Stornie family. They found a suitable property at 550 5th Street (now Morro Bay Blvd.) It was comprised of a fine home located on an entire city block which had been built in 1905 by Alva Paul. By 1917 it was the residence of Alva's son and family. The son worked for PG&E and was electrocuted in an accident in Bakersfield. The Paul family sold the property to Ed Caccia for $2,500. 

Ed moved in to 550 5th Street with his wife Rosie and son Howard (who had been born in 1914 at a leased ranch on San Bernardo Cr. Rd.)  For 30 years, Ed served on the Board of Trustees for the old elementary school located on the corner of Beach and Main. Howard remembers walking to school when 5th Street was still a dirt road.

In 1918, Ed decided to build a new house for his elderly parents next door to their home at 550 5th. He hired Ted Maino, who constructed the first buildings at Cal Poly, to build it. At a cost of $5,000, the new home featured a concrete foundation, cement siding, asbestos roof tile, a stylish porch, and large yards. Construction was completed in 1919. This is the building that is currently Bayshore Realty.

The grandparents lived in their beautiful home until 1925 when they moved to San Luis Obispo for health reasons.

When the grandparents moved out, Ed rented the home out to Jack Van De Venter, who used part of it as a real estate office. Jack lived there until 1941. Then Ed sold the house to his son, Howard, who had recently married Marianne Pierce.

 Howard and Marianne had been living at a ranch on San Bernardo Creek that Ed had purchased around 1918, but Howard did not like the dairy business. He loved cars and moved his growing family into the home to be close to the auto repair shop he had built behind his parents home, now known as Pacific Street. For many years there were only two repair shops in town, Howard's and the shop on Main Street that has been restored by Ron McIntosh.

By 1946, Howard and Marianne had done as much with the home as they could, so they began planning a major remodel. By now, Ed had sold off the east half of the block to a lumber company. Southern Pacific Milling owned it for many years before selling to Hayward Lumber, who later traded the property to San Luis Savings and Loan for the site on Atascadero Rd. The old Hayward Lumber yard is currently Minerís Hardware. The saving and loan building is now the Morro Bay Planning & Building Dept. In 1941, Ed moved the original home at 550 5th Street back about 100 feet from the road, built the Seaside Service Station, and leased it to his friend John Welch.

By 1949 the remodel of 560 5th Street was complete. The porch had been closed in, new windows were installed, a fireplace was added, and a large bedroom with a bath was added for Howard and Marianneís three daughters. This was to be their residence until 1957 when they moved to San Luis Obispo. After Howard and Marianne moved, Ed bought the home back from his son. He rented out 550 5th Street and remained at 560 5th Street until his death in 1976 at age 87. 

In 1979, Howard sold it to the law firm of Ogle, Gallo, and Merzon who remodeled it into offices. They sold it to Dan Reddell in April of 1996 who restored and remodeled the home to become the office of Bayshore Realty.

Howard Caccia and Marianne still own the original Alva Paul residence and all the buildings on that half of the city block, including the original auto garage.

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